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[fanfiction] Still Doll (1/?)
심창민 // Sing Baby; Sing
9ine_lives wrote in hominoids

Title: Still Doll (1/?)
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC-17 overall - this chapter - G
Genre: Alternate Universe: Vampire, Alternate Universe: College/University
Warning(s): Blood Drinking
Summary: Yunho struggles with the love of a new friend, and the alluring temptation of something that has cursed him 10 years ago.

Yunho’s eyes droop, his head laid down on top of notes. If he’s not careful, he’s going to wake up with biology written across the left side of his face. The smell of ink and paper is strong and sharp in his nose. He burrows further into the warmth of his thick knit sweater, listening to the scratching of pens on paper and the droning of his professor as he savours its woollen softness.

It’s making him sleepy. He should be taking notes, he really should be, but he’s just so tired, and hungry. Yunho’s stomach growls loudly again, as if reminding him of his neglect.

He hears footsteps approach him, far before he feels the heat radiating on his side. The chair beside him scrapes back, the person shuffling around and pulling things out of a backpack before settling. A sickening scent invades Yunho’s nose, thick and sweet like molasses, and he flinches, quickly straightening on reflex. His head whips to the side, and he’s met with a small, pretty face, blond hair shining in the light.

The boy’s large eyes are widened slightly in surprise, like a doe caught in the headlights of a car, before scrunching in a small smile.

“Dude, did I scare you?” the boy whispers, hiding his growing grin behind his hand.

The smell comes stronger from his breath, and Yunho twitches, presses his lips into a hard line, “Nah, you just woke me up,” he whispers back, studying the boy’s face.

The boys nods, smiling slightly again before turning to focus his attention on the professor. Yunho’s eyes trail over his face; long eyelashes, sharp nose, high cheek bones and a generous mouth. He’s picturesquely handsome, with his milky skin and brightly coloured hair. He’s handsome, and he smells good. Really good.

He must have noticed my gaze on him, Yunho thinks, because the boy’s eyes flit over in Yunho’s direction, a pink tinge spreading across his cheeks.

He turns minutely to face Yunho, “Can I help you with something?” he says quietly, lips barely opening.

The blush has spread to the tips of his ears.

“How come I’ve never seen you before?” Yunho breathes, eyes falling to look blindly at his notes.

The boy clears his throat, his long digits fingering at the loose pages in his binder.

“I got stuck in traffic,” he whispers, eyes still on the front of the class, “I usually sit at the front, near the professor’s desk.”

“Oh,” Yunho replies, fiddling with his chewed pen as he turns his body away from the warmth emanating from the boy’s body.

He really should get a new pen. The bottom is littered with marks from his sharp teeth, the tip constantly leaking ink into his backpack. He tries listening to the professor as he scribbles down his notes, but the boy’s heartbeat is distracting, his nauseatingly delicious scent wrapping around his neck and choking him. Yunho’s grip on his pen tightens, and he feels something slick spill across the flush of his palm. He opens his fist slowly, pieces of his destroyed pen clattering noiselessly onto his notes, dripping ink onto the messy scrawl of words and diagrams.

Yunho huffs, the stream of air ruffles the hair at his forehead. He turns and reaches down into his open backpack on the floor, rummaging through the junk in there to find his pencil case and hopefully some tissues. He makes a pleased sound when his fingers close around his pencil case, along with a travel pack of tissues he finds seconds later, deep down at the farthest corner in his bag.

He places his new found treasures on his desk and stares. A sleek, blue pen sits innocently on top of his notes. Brand new. And it’s the ones that have the easy flow ink too. Yunho turns to the boy and he smiles coyly at him, the apples of his cheeks rounding happily in his face.

Yunho smiles back, feeling it radiate from his face, “Thanks man,” he says, quickly stuffing his pencil case back into his backpack.

He pulls out a tissue from his travel pack, wiping the ink off his hand, and then jamming the used ball of crumpled tissue into his pocket.

“Name’s Yunho,” Yunho says, softly nudging the boy’s arm, and the boy looks up distractedly from his notes. A flash of a smile.

“Changmin,” he says, before ducking down into his binder again.

Yunho stares at Changmin’s stretch of long neck, smooth and tender. His canines poke dangerously against his fleshy lower lip, and Yunho shakes his head.


Yunho walks swiftly into the cafeteria, wanting to get a bite of food before he passes out from exhaustion. He hasn't gotten proper food in over three days, opting for soggy instant ramen or tasteless frozen dinners.

He lines up behind the line of chattering students at the food serving area. Stuffing his hands in his pockets, he glances around the room awkwardly, jangling the loose change in his pockets. His nose twitches. It’s that exquisite scent again, but it’s faint, delicious on the tip of his tongue. He looks around the cafeteria more carefully this time, near the back corner, and sure enough, he spots Changmin, the slope of his nose and the soft curve of his jaw shadowed by the dim light.

He’s flipping through the pages of a thick text book with deft fingers, and stuffing something that looks - and smells - like fried rice between his pink lips. A person taps Yunho’s shoulder, and he’s snapped out of his reverie.

He whirls around, and the face of a girl with a nose piercing looks back at him, her thick make-up creasing in lines of annoyance at her forehead. Her bright red lips untwist from her scowl when Yunho beams at her sheepishly, catching her off guard. Yunho turns back and grabs blindly at the food in the serving area; a carton of milk, a cold-cut sandwich, and an apple.

He heads over to the plump lady behind the cash register, and she looks nervous, sweating through her uniform and her apron. Yunho smiles politely at her, juggling his food in his hands as he jams his hands into his pockets for change. He has eight dollars. The lady - Jiyeon Kim, the name tag supplies - hands Yunho his change with shaking hands. He gets five cents.

What a rip-off, Yunho thinks, meandering around the tables full of students, ignoring the few stares in his direction. His lips mould around his apple as he sinks his sharp teeth into it. He chews, then swallows quickly, plastering a smile on his face as he walks to the back corner where Changmin’s dabbing at his mouth with a napkin, eyes still on his textbook.

When Changmin looks up, Yunho straightens his back, takes a breath; and goes in for the kill.


some ideas and concepts based loosely off of Matsuri Hino's 'Vampire Knight'

Happy Halloween y'all!

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huh? vampi!ho?
aw, bambi got bitten!
need more of this :)

Yes, Yunho's a vampire~
and Changmin didn't get bitten...yet hehe

Hopefully I can provide you more of this soon.

Thank you for reading! \0/

ohhh this seems interesting. I like the combo Vamps+College~ ^^

I'm glad you find this intriguing~

Thank you for reading! \0/

intresting hehhe next please :)

I'll try my best to post the next part soon~

Thanks for reading! \0/

no problem ok i will be waiting :)

Still Doll was one of Vampire Knight's ending songs wasn't it? I used to get a creep hearing that song...yet it's kinda cool, I think.
Aha, VampiYun can't deny Changmin after all...
Very interesting! We need vampire stories in this Homin world, really. Can't wait for the next chapters!
Thanks for sharing! :)

Yes, Still Doll and Suna No Oshiro (Sand Castle) were used as the closing themes~

and yesyesyes that's exactly how I feel about the song!

Changmin is pretty hard to resist hehehe~

I'm glad you're anticipating the next part!

Thank you for reading! \0/

Finally another vampire fic!!
Can't wait for the next, pls update soon :33

Thank you for reading and anticipating the next part! \0/

(Deleted comment)
You don't need to read Vampire Knight to get the concepts that are used since it's not heavily based on it.

Oh goodness your comment made me giggle, thank you for that! (◕‿◕✿)

I'll try and update as soon as I can - thank you for reading!

Oo a vampire and college au, looks great so far, thanks for sharing ^^

Glad you thought so~

Thank you for reading! ♡

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