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[fanfiction] Sweet Temptation
심창민 // Sing Baby; Sing
9ine_lives wrote in hominoids

Title: Sweet Temptation
Pairing: Yunho/Changmin
Rating: NC- 17
Summary: PWP. Yunho is too good to resist. For teyahtimeay

Yunho sighs in content, stepping out of the bathroom as he towel dries his hair. The hot shower did wonders for his tender muscles, loosening up all the tight knots and soothing his aching bones. He’d spent a lot of time shampooing his hair and soaping up his body until his fingers were wrinkled and he can smell the sweet spice of his bodywash on his skin.

He pads quietly to his bedroom, chasing the droplets of water that race down his torso with his towel. Goosebumps rise at the nape of his neck as cool air hits his skin.

Laying the damp towel over his shoulder, he tightens the towel around his hips and opens the door.

Changmin, who’s sprawled face down on his bed and reading a thick book, looks up at the sound of him entering. He’s wearing a large t-shirt that hangs loosely over his frame. It’s rucked up at the back and Yunho can the band of his sweat pants hang low on his hips, skirting just above his tail bone.

Changmin’s eyes trail over his torso before he meets Yunho’s gaze. He shivers at the hot sensation coursing through his body as Changmin wets his mouth, a pink tongue peeking out to dab at the fleshiest part of his lips.

“You smell really good,” Changmin says, putting a small slip of paper into the book and closing it, “I can smell you from all the way here.”

He slinks off the bed and moves to press Yunho against the door, immediately tucking his face into Yunho’s neck.


The younger licks his shoulder and moans, rocking his hips into Yunho, and the rough material of the towel rubbing against Yunho’s cock and thighs, shoot small shocks of pleasure up his spine.

“God I want to taste you,” Changmin breathes into his ear, “is that okay?”

Yunho nods, breathless, biting hard into his lip as hands trail over his chest and stomach, Changmin lowering himself to his knees and hooking fingers onto his towel.

The damp towel falls with a thwap onto the floor, the room silent except for Yunho’s heartbeat and ragged breathing.

Changmin’s nails dig onto his hips as his wet mouth encloses over his balls. Yunho gasps at the ceiling, hips bucking into Changmin’s face.

“Ohhh,” Changmin moans again, nuzzling into his thigh, “you taste even better than you smell.”

Wrapping a hand around him, the younger strokes him until he’s slick and hard and just near begging for him to suck him off.

Yunho wiggles his hips a little, trying to loosen Changmin’s white-knuckled grip on his him, but it only causes his thick engorged length to slap wetly against the side of the younger’s face.

“Yunho stop fidgeting,” Changmin moans, rubbing his cheek along Yunho’s dick and it, smears warm pre-come over his skin.

“T-Then stop teasing,” Yunho says breathlessly, fingers threading into Changmin’s curly hair.

It’s so soft and thick, dampened at the temples and the back of his neck from sweat. He loves the look of lust spreading across Changmin’s face as he rakes his nails over his scalp and pushes his head back.

Changmin’s eyes close, mouth dropping open slightly as the tip of his cock moves softly over the other’s lips and it makes Yunho’s knees weak.

Changmin opens his eyes, pupils dilated, and smiles; laps at the crown but does nothing more and it drives Yunho up the fucking wall.

“C’mon Yunho, tell me what you want. I want to hear it.”

“Please,” Yunho rasps, “put your mouth on me.”

Yunho swallows when Changmin does the same, sliding his lips and the slightest catch of teeth down the shaft and working his tongue along the underside. He makes a show of dragging his beautiful mouth torturously slow on every upstroke, slurping loudly and massaging his balls.

He mewls loudly, tries not to jerk into the tight heat, but it’s too much, too wet, and oh god he’s going to expire from pleasure. It’s almost as good as when he’s buried deep inside Changmin, bodies fitted so close together they share the same air.

He looks down and Changmin’s shirts gapes at the front, showing off the sweetest hint of brown skin and dark nipples and he wants to touch it.

“So good Changminnie, you feel so good,” He says, sounding wrecked, “so good for me.”

The younger makes a small whimpering noise and wraps his hand around the rest of Yunho’s cock while the other drags down his sweats. Yunho’s fingers tighten in the younger’s hair.

Changmin’s throat closes around him as he starts to jerk himself off, fast and sloppy as he bobs his head faster. Saliva dribbles down his chin, but Changmin clearly isn’t caring, gasping around him and fisting him tighter as he comes close to the peak.

He pulls off for a moment to lick down the slit and that’s what does it for Yunho.

He coils up tightly, painfully, before he’s suddenly smashed into and broken into shimmering pieces of desire and he shoots all over Changmin’s face, the younger man directing the stream over his open mouth and neck. Changmin milks him until he’s trying to get out of Changmin’s grip from sensitivity, before falling back and stroking himself fast, come dripping down onto his chest.

Yunho can tell he’s close, toes scrunching into the floor, moans spilling uncontrollably from his lips. Yunho kneels down and kisses him, and Changmin comes with a, “Oh, oh fuck.”

They kiss a bit more, soft and tender before Changmin pulls away, smiling softly.

“Come let’s take a shower together, you’re all filthy again.”

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hot fucking damn. I love it when talking and saying what you want and what's good is part of the sex and just laksdfjlaskdjf you fuckin nailed it.

And yeah i'm sorry if this is TMI but Changmin jerking himself while he sucks Yunho off is like... one of my all time favorite things so bless you for putting that in. Just. Yes. To this entire thing. I know it's not for me, but I'm not even sorry I spotted first because loved this fic from start to finish. Uncomplicated and so enjoyable ^^

I'm happy you think so! I love how you always notice the little things ;;

and no, not TMI at all since I wrote it for the same reason; Changmin getting so turned on by blowing Yunho that he has to jerk himself off is too hot.

Thank you for reading lovely~ ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

The way that Changmin checks Yunho out and licks his lips. *dies* I'm assuming that shower sex is next (?) I love how Changmin savors Yunho and takes him in with all of his senses.

Hmmm, possibly hehehe~

Thank you for reading! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

Thanks for reading! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

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