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[fanfiction] Bounce And Dribble
심창민 // Sing Baby; Sing
9ine_lives wrote in hominoids
Title: Bounce And Dribble
Pairing: Julien/Changmin
Rating: NC- 17
Summary: PWP. Changmin finally gets to meet Julien Kang for the first time - and the way the other man looks at him is surely going to get him into trouble.

“You should flick Julien!” Sugeun says excitedly, “all the newcomers need to experience The Great Choikang’s Finger Flick!”

Changmin feels the blood drain from his face slightly as he looks at the man opposite him, looming large and unmovable above everyone.

Changmin let’s out a nervous laugh and tries to brush them off, quietly judging Julien’s reaction. He’s smiling, mirroring Changmin’s awkward stance, and he can tell the older man is confused with the way he’s looking quizzically at him.

He wants to shake his head no, but the rest of the Cool Kiz crew are egging him on, hooting and whistling and he swears he hears someone say, “Oh he’s in for it.”

So being the good MC that he is, he takes a deep breath and steps toward Julien, hand coming up to gently cup the back of his head.

Julien smiles, “Are you confident about your finger flick?”

The hairs on the back of his neck prickle as Julien’s brown eyes look into his, and Changmin isn’t sure if he likes it.

Licking his dry mouth nervously, he nods and says, “This is a little trick I picked up from living in the dorms when I was training to become part of Dong Bang Shin Ki.”

The people around him immediately hush, tension thickening in the air as they watch them intently.

Biting down hard on his lower lip, he flicks Julien’s forehead, hard. He can hear the almost hollow sound of his finger hitting the man’s skull and Changmin immediately flinches away after.

Julien gapes and stumbles back slightly, hand coming up to touch at his forehead and the rest of them howl with laughter, hi-fiving Changmin and he blankly returns them, eyes never leaving Julien’s hunched form.

Then Julien looks up and comes up into his space with his hand raised, a grin on his face and Changmin tries his best to flee, shuffling awkwardly away with his bandaged ankle. Just setting his foot down on the ground sends sharp pricks up pain up his calf.

The Cool Kiz collapse into another fit of laughter, patting Julien on the back in sympathy, but the blood pounding in Changmin’s ears muffles even Hodong’s loud chortling.

Changmin tries to laugh too. Tries not to let it show, the way his heart is knocking inside him, breathing ragged.

Lust drenches him. Thick and sweet like molasses at just how big the other man is. The sheer mass of firm muscles that ripple over his body at every moment he makes, the hard line of his jaw. His mere presence fills the whole basketball court.

He’s just not used to feeling small and slight – at least, not for a while now.

He remembers how the man had simply swatted the ball out of Sugeun’s hand like it was a fly, and he had cringed and turned away, fists clenched tightly.

How easily jumps in the air, toes just barely off the ground, as he slams the basketball into the net.

He was glad he didn’t have to interact too physically with the other members due to his lanky frame, but in the heat of the game he had tried to block the ball from Julien and had ended up getting knocked to the ground instead, the older man’s hot sweaty body covering his as he falls over him.

Julien had quickly gotten up, wide-eyed and apologizing profusely as he helped Changmin stand. He had just given him a small smile and said he was fine, that he can deal with a little fall, but he was almost half hard; panting and flushed and it wasn’t until the game was over and he was drained of adrenaline that the pain in his ankle made it unbearable to stand.

His stomach turns.

He shouldn’t be feeling like this.

* * *

Changmin’s chatting with Hodong and toweling his sweaty hair when he feels the bench underneath him shake, a person sitting down on it.

Hodong notices, “Oh, Julien-sshi, hello.”

“Hello Hodong-sshi, that was a great practice. You’ve really improved. May I…speak to Changmin-sshi for a moment?”

Hodong nods, getting up to leave them some privacy.

Changmin swallows thickly before turning around, meeting a ruffled looking Julien who’s gaze drags up his body. Flushing, Changmin looks down at his lap, at the man’s mouth, anywhere but his eyes.

He licks his lips, “I know I’ve already apologized, but I really am so sorry about your ankle.”

He shrugs, the material of his shirt shifting over his large shoulders, “I guess I got too into the game and forget we were just practicing.”

“It’s fine Julien hyung, really. I’ll be okay. It’s nothing major anyways, and it’s already getting better.”

“Well I still feel bad, watching you limp around like that.”

His hand comes up to cup his cheek and Changmin shivers, “And, I really like you. So I was wondering if you wanted to come over for dinner?”

He shakily looks up and meets Julien’s gaze, but the small bruise blooming on his forehead causes him to snort.

Julien’s smile widens, a curious expression lighting up his eyes, “What?”

“Just…the bruise on your forehead. I got you good didn’t I?” he can’t suppress the cheeky grin that splits across his face, “And…sure. Sounds great.”

* * *

After calling Yunho and telling him he’s going to have dinner at Julien’s, the two of them pack up, say their goodbyes to the staff and the Cool Kiz crew and head over to the parking lot; Changmin leaning into Julien’s shoulder for balance as he walks gingerly along.

The ride to Julien’s condo is silent except for the occasionally question or comment Julien makes, and Changmin’s quiet answers. Most of them time Changmin just watches the man drive – arms straining, steering wheel in a white-knuckled grip.

Changmin grins quietly to himself, glad to know he isn’t the only one who’s affected.

The neck of his shirt slips a bit from his shoulder when he stretches in his seat and he lets it; loving Julien’s hot gaze on him when they get to a red light, his side-ways glances every so often as they start driving again.

Once they reach their destination, Julien helps Changmin out of the car and into the elevator, chuckling at the younger’s mumble of, “I’m fine, I can walk. It barely hurts.”

When they finally reach Julien’s room and Changmin is settled down in his kitchen, Julien starts cooking dinner.

The two of them make small talk and joke around about their experience on Cool Kiz until Julien deems his dish ready.

After the the cleaning is done, they tuck into the meal; a saucy alfredo pasta dish paired with a soft wine. Changmin is surprised at how good a cook Julien is and compliments him, sucking a saucy lip into his mouth. He tries to ignore the minute hitch in the older man’s breath.

Soon they’re full and tipsy and end up on the older man’s plush couch, with Changmin on Julien’s lap, arms wrapping around his neck.

Their first kiss is hesitant, tentative, just a press of the lips until Changmin makes a sound in his throat and presses closer, forcing Julien into the couch. Julien retaliates by squeezing his hips and sucking leisurely on Changmin’s lower lip.

It reduces him to a quivering, fidgety mess, and Changmin starts mouthing at Julien’s lips with more fervor, licking inside his mouth and suckling eagerly on his tongue.

“You taste so good Changmin-ah,” Julien rasps, eyes hooded and voice heavy.

The older man’s hands travel from his rubbing at his backetball short clad thighs to his waist, to reach inside his pants and squeeze at his ass.

Changmin garbles out a, “Oh fuck.”

He starts rocking in Julien’s lap as they continue to explore each other’s bodies, the older man’s growing erection pressing into his thigh. Juilen grunts and breaks their kiss, throwing his head back and moaning loudly, bucking up into Changmin’s downward rolls.

Julien’s legs are strong and tight as they shift underneath him, his jeans rough against Changmin’s bare thighs.

Soon they’re rutting against each other and Changmin can’t take it anymore. He quickly gets down onto his knees and unbuckles Julien's pants. He yanks down his jeans and underwear and moans in satisfaction as he pulls out Julien’s cock and tugs on it.

Julien growls and jerks in his grip, “Changmin, jesus.”

His cock is long and thick like the rest of him, slicking up quickly with pre-come and Changmin can’t wait to have it in his mouth. Inside him.

Without a second thought he slides his mouth down over the crown and suckles loudly, cringing when Julien lets out a shout and plunges fingers into his hair. He slowly sinks down more, until he can’t take anymore and his eyes are starting to water, before he starts bobbing his head up and down.

His mouth his stretched wide around the shaft and his jaw starts to hurt.

He presses his nails down into the older's muscled thighs and looks up at him from under his lashes.

“Oh shit, oh Changmin,” Julien says breathlessly, “fuck look at your gorgeous mouth.”

Changmin flushes and sucks harder, faster, and the Julien fucks into his mouth with a surprised noise.

“Stopstopstop,” Julien grits out, large hands gripping the couch cushions now, “I’m going to come and I want to do that inside you. Would you like that pretty?”

Whimpering, Changmin let’s Julien’s dick slip from his mouth, “Yes fuck me, I want it.”

Suddenly Julien’s arms are around him and he’s hauling him up and over his shoulder, laughing as Changmin squirms in his arms in protests.

“What the fuck Julien? Let. Me. Go!” he pounds his fists one the older man’s back, yelping when he feels a smack to his ass.

Julien flings open the door with his free hand and gently throws Changmin onto his large bed.

Changmin quickly lifts his shirt over his head and slides his shorts and underwear of his legs and throws the clothes onto the ground. He watches, trembling with anticipation as Julien quickly strips himself too, hand pumping his cock as he joins Changmin on the bed.

The man is absolutely stunning, chisled abs and chest and his arms and legs are thick and strong – the heat coming off his body as Julien fits himself between his legs and cages him against the mattress is maddening.

“You’re so sweet,” Julien murmurs, kissing his lips before licking his way down to his neck. He rubs their cocks together in one hand, the other fluttering teasingly at the back of his thighs.

Changmin groans in frustration and wraps his legs around the older man’s trim waist, undulating against him.

He’s about to tell Julien to hurry the hell up and fuck him already when his cellphone rings.

The instrumental of SHINee’s Everybody cuts the tension in the air and Julien stops.

Changmin growls and gets up onto his elbows to ask him to leave it but he’s already reaching down and looking at the call display of his phone.

“It’s Yunho." Julien smirks, "Tell him you’re here with me and that you’re fine and I’ll drop you off at home.”

“What? No! I don’t need to tell him. He already knows where I am.”

Julien grips his cock hard, “Do it Changmin.”

Changmin sighs and takes the phone from Julien’s hand and answers it.


He was expecting Yunho’s slightly concerened voice on the other end, but what he wasn’t expecting was Julien pining him back against the bed and biting at his nipples. He yips in surprise at the pain flashing through his body to mix with the warmth in his belly.

“Changmin are you alright?” Yunho asks.

“I-I’m fine. I’m still at Julien’s place. I’ll be, ah, home by early t-tomorrow.”

Julien smirks down at him, rutting against him so that his dick slides over his stomach.

“Are you sure? I can come get you?”

“I’m fine okay, really. I’ll,” his breath hitches, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Annoyed, Changmin shuts his phone off and drops it off the side of the bed.

“You bastard,” Changmin snarls, hitting Julien’s lower back with his heels, “what the fuck was that huh?”

Julien leans down and bites down harshly on his ear lobe, “Just wanted to make sure your hyung knows you’re safe and sound with me.”

Changmin shudders, allowing himself to be turned over. He looks over his shoulder and feels heat rise in his cheeks at Julien admiring him and jerking himself off.

He puts slick fingers to Changmin’s lips; then trails them down over his shoulder, back, down his spine.

Large hands part his asscheeks and Changmin moans and buries his face into the pillow in front of him, smelling musky and earthy like Julien.

He feels something warm and wet and thick slide over his crack and he jerks, biting into the pillow.

“You’re such a pretty little thing, your hyung is so lucky to have you.”

Julien continues gliding his dick between his cheeks, and Changmin ruts back, panting and heaving for breath and absolutely wrecked.

“Fuck me, right now,” Changmin spits, looking over his shoulder again.

Julien actually listens to him for once, reaching under the pillow for the lube and slicking his fingers up.

He pushes one finger into him and pumps it slowly, prepping him with care. Changmin’s shaking and whimpering and trying to claw at his hands by the time he adds the second and third fingers, and Julien kisses his tailbone before removing his hand and slicking himself up.

Taking a steadying breath, Julien lines himself up against Changmin’s hole, one hand spreading his cheek, and slowly, agonizingly pushes himself inside.

Changmin nearly sobs at the unbelievable thickness sliding into him, fisting the sheets beneath him in a painful grip.

They both groan as the older man slides home, hips pressing up against Changmin’s bared ass.

“God you’re fucking huge,” Changmin says in awe, legs unsteady as he tries to push his ass up higher, “fuck me, I’m okay, do it.”

Covering Changmin's body with his, Julien slips out almost all the way before slamming himself back in, hips slapping against Changmin’s.

Changmin feels so small against Julien's broad shoulders, his heavy body pressing and curling him into the sheets.

He sets an unrelenting and brutal pace that leaves Changmin garbling for more, hands scrabbling at the sheets until Julien takes his arms and holds them behind Changmin, forcing his body to arch.

Changmin’s moans rise higher in pitch as he reaches his peak, Julien growling animalistic behind him, grunting, “You feel so hot and fluttery around me, you love this don’t you?”

“Yesss,” Changmin hisses, head spinning. He wipes his mouth on the pillow in front of him, “f-fuck I’m so close.”

“Then come for me Changmin-ah,” Julien whispers, slowing down his thrusts but putting more power behind each one.

He lets go of one arm and slaps Changmin’s ass with a sharp crack, “Come with me inside you, I want to feel you tighten around me.”

Changmin cries out and presses his cheek to the mattress, letting himself be fucked into oblivion as he brings shaky fingers to his dick. A few strokes and he’s gone, trembling under Julien like a leaf as bites into his arm and comes.

Julien curses behind him, Changmin tightening almost painfully around his dick. He grinds into him slowly now, milking out his impending orgasm and Changmin squirms and writhes, trying to get up but Julien his holding him down so fucking tightly.

Then he's tensing and stilling against him, spilling hot and wet into Changmin with a silky groan.

Pulling out, Julien flops onto the bed next to Changmin and gathers him up into his embrace.

"Fuck that was good," Changmin slurs, eyes already drifting closed.

Julien hums in agreement, thumbing at Changmin's cheekbone as the younger falls asleep, exhausted.

Once Changmin is softly breathing into his neck, Julien reaches down to retrieve Changmin's phone and texts Yunho.

<<Hi Yunho-sshi this is Julien.
Changmin and I had a lot of fun today but he got a
little tipsy on wine and passed out, so he's sleeping at
my place until he sobers up a bit and I can take him home.
Your dongsaeng is wonderful, please continue to take care of him.>>

Grinning to himself he presses send and returns the phone back to its place on the floor.

Pressing his lips to Changmin's temple he tightens his arms around his waist and joins the younger in sleep.

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[climbs a building] I LOVED THIS!!! Ugh okay like yes thank you for this glorious opportunity, Cool Kiz, because fucking /size kink/. And bonus points that it's changmin - who never gets to be the shorter AND slighter partner - and also begging-for-it Changmin on top of it all. B L E S S.

This was absolutely fantastic, okay. Just so quick and dirty and literally everything I was wishing it to be. THANK YOU FOR THIS!

AHAHAHA /dies. yayyyy thanks for completing this! You worked so hard /pats you. I dont even know how many times i reread like everything omg that was so great and cheeky julien texting yunho! He was trying to make him jealous wasnt he haha. Idk why but i loved reading about hangmin giving him a bj becuz the visual it provides omg~~

Thanks for reading you are gj bb <3

Ugh sorry i meant thanks for WRITING see your fic made me a little crazy

OMG YES! I approve I approve I approve! LOVE THIS PAIRING.

Thank you author-shii! This was lovely. Hot. And lovely.

I'm glad you like this pairing! They are just too sweet together~

Thank you for reading and commenting!

Unf. This was so unexpected..but so fucking sexy.

It was quite unexpected for me too - this ship came out of no where!
Glad you enjoyed.

Thank you for reading and commenting~

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