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심창민 // Sing Baby; Sing
9ine_lives wrote in hominoids

[fanfiction] TVXQ!


Just One Taste | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | After a long day of rehearsals, Yunho's glad he can count on his dongsaeng.

Of Strawberries And Peaches | Yunho/Changmin | PG13 | General | Changmin doesn't always ask Yunho for help, let alone advice, but when he does, he finds himself in the most interesting situations.

Winner Takes All | Yunho/Changmin | NC-17 | PWP | Changmin comes home aching and bruised, but the smile on his face tells otherwise.


Still Doll | Yunho/Changmin | PG–13 | Alternate Universe | General | Yunho struggles with the love for a friend, and the alluring temptation of something that has cursed him 10 years ago.

Bottled Up Tight | Yunho/Changmin | G | Angst | An incident a very long time ago shakes Yunho’s core, and when he feels fear crawl up through his throat again, he doesn’t know how to react.

Wrath Of The Gods | Yunho/Changmin | PG–13 | Alternate Universe | Even Gods have to die someday

One Of My Own | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | Even though Yunho and Changmin have grown up and gone their separate ways, their bond is still there and stronger than ever

Lock Me Up (And Throw Away The Key) | Yunho/Changmin | PG–13 | Alternate Universe | As an officer in one of Seoul’s most prestigious police stations, Changmin has to make one of the hardest decisions he has ever had to make.

Hyung | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | How the bond between Yunho and Changmin started. With a broken heart, and a little hard work. For rememberedstars.

Feel So Close (Far) | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | "Seperation allows one to learn how to cherish" - Changmin. For rocketsprout.

Broken Record | Yunho/Changmin | G | Angst | Decisions, no matter how big or small, can change your life forever.

Fast Cars And Slow Burns | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Alternate Universe | Yunho Jung is fresh meat at the office; handsome, intelligent, and arrogant, and this pisses Changmin off. He's not used to slipping from his carefully constructed mask of indifference, and he doesn't like it one bit.

Miracle Workers | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | Yunho devises a way for TVXQ! to gain more elementary school fans. Changmin doesn't know what he's gotten himself into. For rocketsprout

Collision | Yunho/Changmin | G | General | Yunho Jung is part of Korea's biggest boyband; Four Notes, and life is sweet. He gets all the things he desires - money, fame, girls - but he still feels oddly empty. It isn't until he meets resident rockstar Changmin Shim; stunning, aloof, dangerous, that he learns that what glitters, isn't always gold.

Limbo | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Inception Alternate Universe | You can never be safe. Even in your dreams.

There's Fire In Your Rainy Soul | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Avatar: The Last Airbender Alternate Universe | In times of need, Changmin finds himself making the most unlikely of partners.

Oikos | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Historical Alternate Universe | Changmin's Habonte has not returned for three months, and he is left mentor-less and heartbroken.

[icons] TVXQ!

Vogue Japan {2012}
♔ Yunho x 2 | Changmin x 3 | TVXQ! x 7

[edits] TVXQ!

Changmin x 1 | Yunho x 1 | TVXQ! x 4

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Interesting prompts :)

Looking forward to Collision, Miracle Workers, and Fast Cars and Slow Burns the most though. Can't wait! ;)

I'm surprised someone is actually taking a look at this!

Thank you for taking interest in and anticipating my works.
I'm workng on Of Strawberries And Peaches right now, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Thank you for dropping by! ◕‿◕

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